NJ KidCare

Health Insurance for your Kids

At No Cost or Low Cost
No Kidding!


The NJ KidCare Program will provide affordable health insurance to uninsured children in moderate or low income and working families, through one of four available plans:

Plan A: Health care benefits will be provided to your child(ren) for families with limited income, at no cost.

Plan B and C: Health care benefits are available for children in families with a higher income level.  However,
in Plan C, eligible families are required to pay a $15 monthly premium contribution, and a small copayment for certain services.  Cost sharing will never exceed 5% of the family income.

PLan D: Families can have income as high as $58,450(family of 4) and be eligible. Monthly premiums are $30, $60 or $100 depnending on income.

Who is Eligible?
Based on your family income(resources not considered)
your uninsured children, under age 19, may qualify for health insurance in one of four state and federally
funded plans provided through NJ KidCare.

The charts below show the Maximum income families may have for their children to be eligible for NJ KidCare

Plan A
Free (No Co-Payment)
Family Size Yearly maximum income


Plan B, C, D 
(Premium/ CO-Payment) 
Family Size Yearly maximum income

What Services Are


NJ KidCare:Provides a Comprehensive package of health care services through health maintenance organizations (HMOs). The services include:

How Much Will It

Based on family income, there may be no cost or a small

                 monthly premium with a co-payment for certain services.
Premium, co-payments?Premiums and co-payments will have to be paid by some families. The family premium will be a flat $15.00 per month no matter how many children are on  NJ KidCare. Those households that must pay the monthly premium also will have to pay small co-payment for certain services. Total yearly Premiums and co-payments will never exceed 5% of the family's income.

How do I apply?

To obtain an application call us to  have one mailed or faxed to you
Click here(to complete and print the kidcare application from MS word)

If you have questions you may

E-mail us at njkidss@pcbss.org

Mail or Fax your application to:
We Care KidCare Project
80 Hamliton Street
Suite #317A
Paterson, N.J. 07505

Fax: (973)881-3232

Simply call us and apply
over the Phone.